As I was searching for some nice core or mvc projects on GitHub, I came across a very nice and really well made app.

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What is Serenity Platform

Serenity is an ASP.NET Core / MVC / TypeScript application platform which has been built on open source technologies.

It aims to make development easier while reducing maintenance costs by avoiding boiler-plate code, reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks and applying the best software design practices.

Who/What This Platform Is For

Serenity is best suited to business applications with many data entry forms or administrative interface of public facing web sites. It's features can be useful for other kinds of web applications as well.

And that is for me.

After reading this guide and its tutorials, follow resources below for more information about Serenity.Home Page:http://serenity.isBlog: Repository: / Questions (FAQ, Troubleshooting and Other Community Content) Log: Application Template:

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Проверим может этот экстеншн тоже катит?)

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